Togetherness is a comedy-drama series written and created by Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, and Steve Zissis. The show which first premiered its debut season on HBO on January 11, 2015, is produced by Duplass Productions with brothers Mark and Jay Duplass as Directors. The debut season of the show had eight episodes with the second season premiering on HBO on January 27, 2015. The cast of Togetherness starred:

Mark Duplass as Brett Pierson – A sound Engineer, Husband to Michelle Pierson and Sophie’s Father

Melanie Lynskey as Michelle Pierson – Brett Pierson’s wife and Sophie’s Mother

Amanda Peet as Tina – Michelle’s sister

Steve Zissis as Alex Pappas – An aspiring actor and Brett’s best friend

Abby Ryder Fortson as Sophie Pierson – Brett and Michelle’s Daughter

Peter Gallagher as Larry – Producer and Tina’s boyfriend

John Ortiz as David

Mary Steenburgen as Linda

Joshua Leonard as Director

Amy Adair as Peggy –The babysitter

The name of the series “Togetherness” portrays its intent and as expected, the storyline focuses on the lives of Brett and Michelle Pierson, a married couple that seems to have lost the sparks and passion in their marriage. On the other hand, Alex, an out of work aspiring actor and Tina, Michelle’s Sister are both trying to move in with the disgruntled couple.

The series manages to portray each character experiencing their individual difficulties, whether it is emotional, financial and even personal struggles. This can be seen in Amanda Peet’s character Tina who is constantly struggling with her biological clock and relationships and has recently gone through a breakup. Brett, on the other hand, is a sound Engineer who has to deal with work, a breaking marriage devoid of sexual partnership and the responsibility to cater for him and Michelle’s two children.

Brett and Michelle are both pushing 40 and the couple is clearly unsatisfied by their relationship with Brett considering a spiritual journey of self-discovery while Michelle has found interest in a man named David with hopes of reigniting her passions. When both Tina and Alex move in with the couple, Michelle confides in her sister about her new found interest while Brett talks to Alex about his travails.

The four people attempt to coexist in peace and harmony as well as try to maintain good relationships as siblings, spouses, and friends while focusing on some of their personal dreams and goals. Alex remains dogged in his aspirations of becoming an actor and Tina starts a bouncy castle business. Meanwhile, Alex develops very strong feelings towards Tina and regardless of her constant rejections, he seems only spurred on by them.

The concept of the Togetherness series is to create a story that is deep and realistic and not just a suspense-filled or humorous drama series. The show portrays everyday life in a way that is mostly genuine and relatable to its audience.

Togetherness successfully blends humor and an underlying struggle and sadness that can be seen in its characters without leaning too much to any of the emotions it portrays.

Fans of the Togetherness series say even though the series puts them in a good mood with a better outlook on life, it is often a challenge to watch as they have to watch their favorite characters endure the harsh realities of life.

Critics, however, described the series as a mediocre indie film that was annoying, disorienting and uninteresting, further emphasizing that the nudity it depicted was rather unnecessary.

In the end, each individual has their judgments of the series depending on their movie preferences!